Wooden Mason Bee Butterfly Ladybug House

Symbiosis Of All Things In Nature: Our Natural Material Rainproof Metal Bird’s Nest Box Provides A Safe, Comfortable And Practical Habitat For Small Creatures In The Garden, Where They Can Spend The Winter And Lay Eggs. Made From Natural Materials Including Cedar, Bamboo, Sawdust, And Pine Cones, This Nest Box Measures 7-1/2 X 3 X 8-3/4 Inches.


This Outdoor Insect Hotel, With Six Compartments Each Carefully Filled With Natural Bamboo Poles, Wood Chips, Pine Cones And Pre-Drilled Wood Blocks, Offers A Variety Of Nesting Options That Help Insects Overwintering And Laying Eggs. This Insect Hotel Attracts A Variety Of Butterflies, Bees, Ladybugs, Wasps, Solitary Bees, Leaf Shears And More.

Easy Installation And User-Friendly: This Insect House Features Built-In Hanging Loops On The Back And Comes With All The Necessary Mounting Accessories To Easily Secure It To Any Flat Surface.

Ideal Place: Insects Prefer Warm, Dry Conditions, Sheltered From Wind And Rain While Enjoying Full Sunlight. Place Insect Houses As Close To Target Areas As Possible To Allow Them To Pollinate And Provide Protection.


Overall, This Natural Material Rainproof Metal Bird’s Nest Box And Outdoor Insect Hotel Not Only Provides An Ideal Habitat And Nesting Option For Small Creatures In The Garden, But Is Also Easy To Install And Use. Place It In An Ideal Location And It Will Provide A Safe, Comfortable Home For Insects While Also Helping And Protecting The Garden. This Product Is A Very Practical Choice For Those Who Like Gardening And Nature.

Post time: May-13-2024