Our History

Owner: Mr. Xu zhenhu

  • In 2005
    Graduated from junior high school.--Enter the society and try various jobs.
  • In 2007
    Inspired by the abundant wood raw materials, he came up with the idea of starting his own business.
    First factory--Rich Handicraft Factory was established, and used a loan to buy second-hand woodworking engraving machines to process for other factories.
    Run his own business, purchase by himself, learn to design by himself, and be a worker by himself.
  • In 2008
    In March,he purchased 3 new woodworking engraving machines and hired 5 additional workers.
    In June, we got the first product order from a client. A wine box buyer only ordered 50 pieces, and no factory was willing to help him make them.
    Due to our efficient cooperation, the number of wine boxes continue to grow. Within a year, the number of the wine box increased from 50pcs to 100pcs, then to 5,000pcs, and finally to 20,000pcs. With this client, our factory grew and we became friends with each other. The number of workers also increased from 5 to 10.
  • In 2009
    At the suggestion of the wine box customer, we joined Alibaba’s domestic e-commerce platform in May.
  • In 2010
    The number of cooperative trade companies has increased rapidly and to meet their needs for professional invoices. Caoxian Diaolong Crafts Co., Ltd. was established, which has general taxpayer qualifications.
    Employees were increased from 10 to 33.
    Mainly domestic sales, serving domestic trading companies. During this period, we participated in a series of domestic exhibitions.
  • In 2015
    Participated in the Canton Fair for the first time. We started to contact foreign customers.
    Since we didn't have export qualifications, we always trusted third parties to export as agents.
  • In 2020
    Caoxian Shangrun Handcrafts Co., Ltd. was established, has independent import and export qualifications, and established our own foreign trade team.
    We joined the Alibaba international e-commerce platform.
    The factory has also established professional procurement, design, proofing, quality inspection, production, packaging, and financial teams.
    The number of employees gradually increased from 33 to more than 100.
  • In 2023
    We start to build our own network platform.