Hamster House

  • Shangrun Wood Guinea Pig Cottage Hamster Cottage

    Shangrun Wood Guinea Pig Cottage Hamster Cottage

    About This Item 【Large Hamster Cottage】 – Meticulously Crafted With Exquisite Attention To Detail, This Cozy And Comfortable Nest Is Specially Designed For Your Small Hamster. It Is Thoughtfully Constructed To Ensure There Is No Unpleasant Odor, Making It Perfect For Long Term Use While Keeping Your Pet Happy And Healthy. 【Wood Hamster House】- Create An Engaging Play Area For Your Furry Friend With This Captivating Hamster House. Featuring Maze Passage Setup And Slide, It Effortles...
  • Shangrun New Assembled Hamster Hideout & House

    Shangrun New Assembled Hamster Hideout & House

    About This Item New Assembled Hamster Hideout & House: The Hamster Hideout & House Is Designed In An Assembled Style And Can Be Assembled Into 3 Rooms According To Your Preference. Also Has A Stair For Climbing. Provide A Quiet, Hidden And Warm Pet House For Hamsters, Which Is Convenient For Small Pets To Rest And Avoid In Their Daily Life. Fully Match The Nature Of The Hamster. Hamster Playground: This Hamster House Can Be Used As Hamster Toys. The Interior Is Designed As A Channel,...
  • Shangrun Wooden Hamster House

    Shangrun Wooden Hamster House

    About This Item Provide A Hiding Place For Small Furry Friends To Hide Out, Sleep And Store His Food. The Cabin Satisfies The Hamster’s Exploratory Nature, They Can Climb Up And Down, Play Around The House And Dig For Bedding. Cute Hamster Hut Brings More Interesting Viewing To The Hamster Habitat Decor, Easy To Match Many Cage Themes. Suitable For Dwarf Hamsters, Small Gerbils, Mice Or Other Similar Sized Pets. Dwarf Hamster Home – Small Size 5.1″ X 3.5″ X 4.3″...