Shangrun 3-Piece Bamboo Cutting Board Set

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  • Get Your Kitchen All Set: 3 Piece Cutting Board Set Covers All Your Needs In The Kitchen With One Large Cutting Board, One Medium Cutting Board And One Small Cutting Board; Each Board Is Reversible Too
    Perfect For All Types Of Food Prep: The Large Cutting Board Is Perfectly Sized For Meat And Bread, The Medium Cutting Board Is Great For Slicing Fruit And Vegetables And The Small Cutting Board Works Wonderfully As A Bar Board To Prep Limes, Lemons And Other Garnishes
  • Knife-Friendly Cutting Surface: The Smooth Bamboo Wood Cutting Surface Is Gentle On Knife Blades, Keeping Them Sharp For Longer; Bamboo Is Light Yet Durable And Provides A Terrific Surface For Slicing, Chopping, Cutting, Dicing And More
    Beautifully Crafted: Each Board Is Masterfully Crafted From Moso Bamboo; The Naturally Gorgeous Surface Doubles Wonderfully For Serving, Use Them As Charcuterie Boards Piled High With Favorite Meats And Cheeses
  • Bamboo Is Better: Bamboo Is Not Only Better For Your Kitchen, But The Environment Too; Bamboo Is One Of The Most Sustainable Resources In The World, Quickly Regrowing Once Harvested With No Clear Cutting, Artificial Irrigation Or Replanting Needed
    Naturally Gorgeous & Healthy For All Families - This Extra Large Chopping Block Is Extremely Lightweight And Easy To Handle. It’S The Last Cutting Board You’Ll Ever Need, Guaranteed. It Even Doubles As A Charcuterie Board! Plus, Bamboo Cutting Boards Are Better For You. It’S Less Porous, Naturally Organic, And Food Safe. This Is A Raw, Naturally-Sourced Cutting Board Made From The Tallest, Toughest, Rapidly-Growing Grass On The Planet.
  • Impress Guests & Meal Prep Like A Pro - This Extra Large Cutting Board Is Not Only Impressive In Its Appearance – You Can Use It To Carve, Slice, Filet, Or Chop Your Cooked Or Raw Meats, Fruit, Veggies, And Cheese. Use It For Multiple Meal Preps At Once Or To Prepare One Big Meal For The Family And Special Occasions. It Looks Beautiful And Wipes Down Easily, Making Clean-Up Quick! This Kitchen Cutting Board Will Quickly Become Your Daily Go-To Food Prep Companion.
  • Enjoy Cooking With A Safer, Smarter Design - Bamboo's Natural Properties Make These Butcher Block Carving Boards A Must-Have Kitchen Companion. They’Re Great For Chopping Veggies And Slicing Raw And Cooked Foods. Easy To Care For And Clean, This Wood Cutting Board Preserves Your Knife Edge Longer And Is Easy To Carry Safely From Kitchen To Table. The Deep Juice Grooves Even Capture Juices That You Can Transform Into Homemade Glazes & Gravies. Perfect For Health-Conscious Families!

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