Acacia Serving Trays for Large Ottoman Coffee Table

Made From Sturdy Acacia Wood, This Giant Wooden Tray Is Durable, Wipeable, Food Safe, Beautiful And Functional. This Large Solid Square Tray Is A Great Addition To Your Home.

Very Attractive, Even Elegant, The Colors, Textures And Materials Look Great On Each Ottoman And Provide Functionality. Adds A Dazzling Accent To Your Coffee Table.
The Built-In Integrated Handle Is Easy To Carry And Use. It Features An Extra-High Surrounding Tray Lip To Prevent Items From Falling Out. The Leak-Free Bottom Prevents Drinks From Spilling And Provides Convenience For Larger Jobs.

22″X22″ Square Wood Pallet; Plenty Of Space To Store A Variety Of Items. Providing The Space You Need To Create The Ultimate In Storage For Decor And Display Items.
Whether Food Trays For Large Wedding Receptions Or Decorative Trays For Registration Tables, From Home Decor Trays Or Garage Accessory Storage Trays, It Will Always Meet Your Expectations And You’ll Want More!

Post time: Mar-22-2024