Farmhouse Tiered Tray Round Brown Wooden Rustic Ornaments

【Larger Storage Space】

The Design Of The Farmhouse Tiered Tray Was Inspired By Efficient Use Of Space, With Its Rounded Design Providing Users With Ample Storage Space. The Bottom Tray Is 13.4 Inches In Diameter, The Top Tray Is 10.1 Inches In Diameter, And The Space Between Each Tray Is 7.5 Inches, Providing A Suitable Location For A Variety Of Items, Large And Small. This Design Not Only Facilitates Storage, But Also Maximizes Space Utilization.


【Waterproof Production】

One Of The Great Features Of Farmhouse Tiered Pallets Is That They Are Waterproof. Whether Wine Or Water Is Spilled On It, It Will Not Cause Deformation Or Expansion. Its Pure Wood Material Ensures That It Is Impermeable, Allowing The Pallet To Stay Dry In Any Environment. This Waterproof Design Makes The Farmhouse Tiered Tray An Ideal Storage Tool That Serves A Vital Purpose In Both The Kitchen And Dining Room.

【No Irritating Smell】

Farmhouse Tiered Pallets Are Made From Pure Wood Material, Which Is Very Important For People Who Are Concerned About Their Health. It Does Not Emit Any Irritating Smell And Is Harmless To Health, Making People Feel More At Ease When Using It. This Environmentally Friendly Design Concept Makes Farmhouse Layered Pallets Uniquely Competitive In The Market.

【Straight And Beautiful】

Another Advantage Of The Farmhouse Tiered Pallet Is Its Straightness And Beauty. It Is Held In Place By Specially Designed And Assembled Metal Rods That Allow The Pallet To Stand Upright Without Tilting. This Design Not Only Makes The Tray Look Neater, But Also Increases Its Use Value.


【Protect Table Surface】

In Addition To The Above Advantages, Farmhouse Tiered Trays Also Serve A Practical Function, Which Is To Protect The Table Surface. When Using A Tiered Pallet, The Three Smooth Wooden Feet On The Bottom Of The Two-Tier Pallet Rack Provide More Stable Support, Prevent Shaking, And Also Increase The Sturdiness Of The Pallet. Most Importantly, This Design Prevents The Easter Tiered Tray Decoration From Scratching The Tabletop, Protecting The Service Life Of The Furniture.

Overall, The Farmhouse Tiered Tray Is A Product That Combines Functionality And Beauty. Its Unique Round Design Provides Ample Storage Space, The Waterproof Production Ensures The Tray Is Dry, The Pure Wood Quality Ensures Health And Harmlessness, The Straight And Beautiful Design Increases The Use Value, And The Function Of Protecting The Table Surface Further Enhances The Tray. Comfort Of Use. These Advantages Make Farmhouse Tiered Pallets An Ideal Choice For Home Living.

Post time: Mar-31-2024